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To create and maintain a professional environment where our employees, clients, brokers, and affiliates can mutually benefit and succeed, in a dynamic and fast-changing industry, through innovations in business. To constantly offer the best quality service to our clients by making full use of our knowledge, resources, experience, and market position. Read More


We provide clients with tailored property and casualty coverages to meet their specific business needs and exposures.

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Personal Insurance

Solomon Agency’s strong presence in the affluent market gives you access to best-in-class personal insurance carriers.

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Career Opportunity

At Solomon, we continually invest in the success of our employees, which is one of the reasons why Solomon has demonstrated optimal results thus far.

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Industry Specialities


Safety Focused Newletter[한국어] – March 2016


어떤 사업에서든지 고객의 불만사항을 처리해야 할 때가 있다. 그러나 불만이 있는 고객을 응대하기 위한 적절한 훈련이 선행되지 않으면 의도치 않게 자신과 주변 사람들을 심각한 상황에 빠뜨릴 수 있다. 이를 막기 위해서는 다음의 갈등 완화를 위한 방법들을 배워야

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Safety Focused Newletter – March 2016

All businesses must occasionally deal with dissatisfied customers. However, without the proper training, you could inadvertently escalate the situation—exposing yourself and those around you to dangerous risks. To help avoid making the situation worse, review the following best practices

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Safety Focused Newletter[한국어] – February 2016

안전상 위험에 노출된 철강 제조 업체의 외국인 근로자들

철강 제조업체인 St. Louis Cold Drawn Inc.는 외국인 근로자들을 절단사고, 전기상해 등의 위험에 노출시킨 것에 대해 $ 366,300의 벌금을 선고받았다. OSHA 에서 시행한 조사에 따르면 업체의 철강 제조 공장 중

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