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Safety Focused Newsletter – FEBRUARY 2016

Focusing on your cellphone and other distractions while driving can lead to impairments such as a decreased awareness of surrounding traffic, a sense of tunnel vision and increased reaction times. These can have dangerous consequences for you and other drivers. While there isn’t much you can do to control how other people drive, limiting your own distractions can help you better react to any dangers you may encounter. Use the …Read More

Safety Focused Newsletter – December 2015

Every day, about 90 drivers are killed in motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And, with inclement winter weather making driving conditions more hazardous, that number could worsen. For that reason, be sure to follow these six tips whenever you drive this winter: 1. Have your vehicle serviced: The cold can have an adverse effect on your vehicle. Before the temperature drops, take your vehicle …Read More

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Means for Manufacturers – Manufacturing Industry

An agreement was recently reached regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement between 12 countries along the Pacific Rim. The agreement is designed to promote international trade by cutting taxes and tariffs on imports and exports, as the Pacific Rim region accounts for 40 percent of the global economy. According to the federal government, the TPP eliminates foreign taxes on products exported from the United States. Currently, taxes can …Read More

Solomon Profile Newsletter – December 2015

The World Meteorological Association is predicting that this season’s El Nino could be the strongest on record. The phenomenon—caused by warm surface water in the Pacific Ocean—has been linked to a series of atypical weather conditions, including strong storms, increased precipitation, flooding and tsunamis. Don’t get caught unprepared. Your advisor at Solomon Agency Corporation has the resources you need to guard against severe weather losses.

Safety Focused Newsletter – October 2015

If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, coughing and wheezing in the workplace, there’s a chance that you may have work-related asthma. If contributors to asthma in the workplace aren’t addressed, they can negatively impact your overall quality of life and your ability to work. Work-related asthma can occur in a number of different industries and typically falls under one of two categories 1. Occupational asthma: Asthma …Read More

Solomon Profile Newsletter – October 2015

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that R.T. Jones Capital Equities will pay a $75,000 settlement to its former clients for failing to protect their data from a cyber attack. The investment advisory firm violated the SEC’s “safeguards rule,” which requires investment advisors to adopt written policies and procedures to protect customer records and information. The SEC found that the investment advisors did not encrypt customer data and failed …Read More

OSHA Safety Cornerstones

New Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements in Effect as of Jan. 1, 2015 Keeping Workers Safe in Cold Environments What’s in Store for 2015? Notable Items from the 2015 DOL Regulatory Agenda